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1、Human resource orientation:

Stimulate staff potential, promote healthy growth, enhance organizational capabilities, and promote strategy implementation.

2、guiding ideology:

Inspired by great undertakings, generous treatment attracts people, excellent culture condenses people and creates conditions to create people.

3、Basic strategy:

Recruitment and appointment, moral priority, ability to. Under the premise of identity of enterprise value, we should adhere to the principle of taking morality as the first, emphasizing the ability and quality, respecting the individual difference, paying attention to the complementation of members and improving the team performance. The standard is clear. First, inside and outside. Improvement of position system and ability model, with clear standards; follow the "internal external" principle, the staff vacancies open, actively promote the competition for jobs, provide fair opportunities for employees to process unity, to ensure people with decision-making process transparent.

4、Employee development:

Strategic traction, shared responsibility. According to the new Austrian construction personnel training system capacity requirements to achieve the strategic objectives of the staff and enhance the ability of the new Austrian shared responsibility, the staff itself is the main development of the individual, is the direct leadership of the staff development guide, human resource department staff development of the organizers, maintain good communication and interaction with the three party, the needs of employees and the business needs to find the best fit point, so that employees can grow together with the new austrian.

excitation mechanism:

Market traction, effective incentives. Provide competitive compensation and benefits according to market standards, attract and retain qualified personnel, implement rich and positive incentives, and stimulate employees' creative potential. Value co construction and value sharing. Objectively evaluate employee's responsibility, ability and performance, and stimulate the enthusiasm of employees and enterprises to create a career and share results.

Withdrawal mechanism:

Reasonable guarantee, moderate elimination. The new Austrian as far as it can, for loyalty to the cause and contribute staff to provide comprehensive and reasonable protection; at the same time will also moderate the elimination does not comply with the new requirements of Olympic culture and strategic performance of employees, keep a virtuous circle of talent.
  • PrincipleShared responsibility
  • evelopmentMoral priority
  • ExcitationEffective incentive
  • ExitReasonable protection