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Self loading concrete mixer, loader, backhoe loader, cross-country fork lift truck

Founded in 2006 ,hank Providing leading intelligent engineering machinery and equipment in the globe within,the Scope of application covers Architectural Engineering、Industrial manufacturing、 oil and gas, landscaping、 mining and warehousing。

The wheel loaders and forklift products have been approved by the General Administration of quality supervision, and have the international CE certification。

Self loading concrete mixer, loader, backhoe loader, cross-country fork lift truck

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Over the past 10 years,HANK product has been applied to various fields of the world.

our win the height comment in global by quality products and competitive prices.now we ecruitment agent in the global.

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Qingzhou hanke intelligent equipment co.,Ltd (SWLTD )located Qingzhou city, shandong province, China. It mainly produces and sells wheel loaders ,Concrete mixer truck and forklifts and structural parts of engineering machinery. It is a main equipment manufacturer of rims and frames for Caterpillar (Qingzhou city) Company and Foton Lovol Heavy Industry.

    It has a registered capital of One hundred and eleven million one hundred and seventy thousand RMB yuan(USD16,300,000). The company currently has over 30 professional R&D personne. The products of wheel loader and forklift series were approved by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and have international CE certificate.

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How to deal with the inconsistency of the datum square of the concrete mixing station?

The focus of the dispute is on the amount of concrete. The key is to consume the concrete and how to determine the value of the base square. At present, there are two general benchmarks, one is based on the theoretical volume calculation of the construction drawings, and the other is called the drawings settlement. Two is in accordance with the concrete company's supply volume calculation based on volume, that is, the so-called delivery of small ticket settlement. The two different methods of square calculation have their own disadvantages, so they bring uncertainty to the determination of actual square data.



Method for improving production efficiency of concrete mixing station

The value of concrete mixing station equipment is mainly in the stage of use, and this stage is the key link to decide the life cycle length of mixing station equipment. Any mixing plant has a certain scope of use and specific conditions of use, only to meet its scope of use and conditions in order to make mixing station equipment has a longer service life.



Analysis of common knowledge of hydraulic transmission of cement mixer

Analysis of cement mixer hydraulic conveying knowledge, cement mixer discharging finished immediately with water hose with the vehicle will feed inlet, a hopper and a discharge chute and other parts clean and wash the platoon to bond in the body around the dirt and residual concrete, and then to the mixing cylinder injection of 150-200L in the water, on the way back to let the mixing drum slowly rotating, to clean the wall, avoid residual slag attached to the tube wall and the stirring blade, and again before the water off loading.