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How to deal with the inconsistency of the datum square of the concrete mixing station?

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Method of determining the standard square of concrete mixing station
The focus of the dispute is on the amount of concrete. The key is to consume the concrete and how to determine the value of the base square. At present, there are two general benchmarks, one is based on the theoretical volume calculation of the construction drawings, and the other is called the drawings settlement. Two is in accordance with the concrete company's supply volume calculation based on volume, that is, the so-called delivery of small ticket settlement. The two different methods of square calculation have their own disadvantages, so they bring uncertainty to the determination of actual square data.
First, according to the theoretical volume of the construction drawings, the basis of volume calculation
The method is advantageous to the buyer and is disadvantageous to the supplier. The construction unit has a professional technical staff of the computing component volume, and concrete mixing station will not configure the corresponding professionals to do drawings of accounting, in addition, the change is not necessarily part of the drawings are counted, do not rule out the construction unit to hide, if the amount of calculation according to the drawings, should also be completed on the basis of the picture, but completion my drawings behind the concrete supply, poor operability.
Two according to the volume calculation volume recorded by the supply unit of the concrete mixing station
The method for the benefit of the unfavorable station by mixing truck for delivery unit of concrete mixing, each car with the invoice amount, marked above, in fact, whether the delivery vehicles loaded with the numerical line of concrete, the construction unit is responsible for the receipt of the staff from awareness, if the intention of concrete mixing station a party is very easy to do.