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Analysis of common knowledge of hydraulic transmission of cement mixer

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Analysis of cement mixer hydraulic conveying knowledge, cement mixer discharging finished immediately with water hose with the vehicle will feed inlet, a hopper and a discharge chute and other parts clean and wash the platoon to bond in the body around the dirt and residual concrete, and then to the mixing cylinder injection of 150-200L in the water, on the way back to let the mixing drum slowly rotating, to clean the wall, avoid residual slag attached to the tube wall and the stirring blade, and again before the water off loading.
When the cement mixing truck to transport concrete cement, the engine speed at 1000-1400 rpm range, in order to make the engine maximum torque, in the process of delivery of cement, the speed should not exceed 40km/h, to ensure traffic safety.
When the concrete mixer is finished, the inside of the mixing drum and the body can be cleaned, and the remaining concrete can not be left in the cylinder.
When the water pump works, the cement mixer is prohibited from idling, and it should not be used for more than 15 minutes for continuous use.
Water cement mixer tank to keep full, for a rainy day, the winter should be shut down, water tank, water pump, water pipes, mixing barrel of water on the net, and parked in Chaoyang, where water, to avoid freezing machine.
In winter, the mixer should be installed in time, and use antifreeze to protect the mixer, change the fuel label according to the weather changes, and ensure the normal use of machinery.
When checking and repairing the hydraulic transmission part of the cement mixer, the engine and hydraulic pump should be carried out without pressure.
In the adjustment of cement mixer each clearance, stroke, pressure, should be a full-time security staff inspection consent; replacement of parts, must by the minister or manager to sign, otherwise the problem after investigated the responsibility of the relevant personnel.
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